Interested in creating a safe environment in your home and helping Nature?

We live in a “soup” of electro-magnetic energies. TV rays, cell phone conversation, radio waves, microwaves, etc. are constantly flowing through the air no matter where we are.

The Orgone was some of the first products that helped to create a safety factor in the homes and nature.

Now, we have the Nature/Home Protector Crystal Dome that gives us an even greater protection.

This dome, when placed in the home, creates a “bubble of protection around the home, the neighborhood and nature. The Nature/Home Protector Dome protects all life forms from the EMF’s and more that is the air.

“My granddaughter used to wake up crying often each night. Once the Nature/Home Protector was placed in our home, she slept the whole night through.”

“I live in an apartment with many “towers” on top. I had a hard time sleeping, always woke up tired and my face was red. Once the Nature/Home Protector was in my apartment, I could sleep well and woke up without a red face. It is amazing!”

“I am amazed at how much better my home feels.”

“Nature is coming back into balance where we live. There are many Nature/Home Protectors in our area. We used to have the 4 seasons, and then over the past 10 years we were down to 2 seasons a year. Now we are back to 4 seasons and everything in nature in better and better. People are sleeping better. It is amazing to watch the changes in our city as more domes get out.
From Asia

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