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We are Here on Earth to Learn to be
Masters of Light and Energy.

Many of us have been searching for ways to cleanse and clear ourselves and bring ourselves back into the Divine Perfection in which each of us was created.

Until the Sacred Flames, we have not had the wherewithal to take a spiritual shower for centuries.

Yet the Masters teach that we are responsible for every bit of energy that we have used.

It is the tremendous gift of the Violet Flame that allows us to do that.

It can only be done through the Sacred Fire and with the help of Cosmic Beings who are under karmic law and the Law of Divine Love.

The Sacred Flame Holograms came through after years of making orgone and learning how to anchor the Sacred Flames within the orgone.

The Sacred Flame Holograms are comparable to a “cell phone” connection to the Cosmic Eneriges. Each Hologram has to be specifically activated by the Cosmic Beings and Angels.

More information will be added on this site monthly free of charge. There is also no charge for the classes. The charges for the Sacred Flame Holograms has been set by the Masters. For They have said:

“These Sacred Flame Holograms are diamonds of the purest and rarest of forms.”

There are so many uses for the Holograms, please see the articles that are on this site.

We are to read and study the dictations of the Masters. Websites listed below.

“To have these books is the Greatest Privilege that was ever given to mankind on the face of this Earth” Beloved Astreas, – Ascended Master Light page 145

The Ascended Masters have said that every word is a “Cup of Light.” One can literally feel the Light coming into one’s being when reading them. To read and reread and then apply the knowledge will allow each of us to fulfill our Divine Plan.

The Ascended Masters have asked that no soul be denied this information, if they desire it.

If you are not sure if the knowledge of the Sacred Flames is for you, read The Magic Presence and Unveiled Mysteries. These are available at or on

The frequency of these books are some of the highest frequencies on the planet and it is a privilege to have them in your home.

The website of has much literature available on it.

All the information is taken from the books and literature from:

  1. There are various translations available.
  2. The Voice of the I AM is available here. One will receive a monthly booklet. These are most, most powerful.
  3. Books by A.D.K.Luk – The Law of Life
  4. The Gnosis and the Law by Papastavro
  5. Adventures of a Western Mystic by Peter Mt. Shasta