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Annie – Hong Kong

Thanks a lot for bringing us the sacred flame. I did benefit a lot from these useful holograms and prayers. When the first time I used the Acturian and cosming blue lightning card for the clearing. I saw an iron ant coming out from my Rt lower abdominal (where I always has pain during my moon cycle). And on the 1 st lesson, when we do the clearing, I saw a sticky jelly animal slip out from my Lt hand. Now I keep going to do the clearing of Reptilian brain which makes me feel more energetic and lighter.

I am a physiotherapist working in a NGO for special needed kids (age 2-6yrs). In the past, I feel very exhausted after my work which I have to do rehab works for at least 7 clients/day. Now I found the way to protect myself and recharge my energy by using those holograms. And you make me understood and experienced that some pain/discomfort are not coming from the structure problems inside the body as our usually medicine explained and we can clear them in an easier way.

Annie – Hong Kong

Tiffany – Hong Kong

我很感恩經歷這一年多的體驗讓自己各方面也改善很多, 整個人變得正面開心,自信多了。神聖火焰給我的人生帶來很多改變及幫助。:)

Before experience with Sacred Flames, I did not know we could clear negative energy out, and clearing is very important for us. I grow up from a very traditional Chinese culture background, it is little difficult to explain how i was influenced from my original family, and both parents was influenced by their own original family issue, cyclically under a negative environment. I don’t want to keep in negative thinking way but I couldn’t get it control because I realise now my energy was very low.

I remembered after first class of Divine Abundance, I could actually feel my body feel lighter & see things clear, feeling better & happier.

Almost everyday I have my 4 Blue clearing all negative energy, I love to work with archangels when my emotion body got attack, archangels helps me every time.

After one-year experience with sacred flames, I feel myself inside and outside is getting better and better in a positive way & happier & more confidence than I used to be. Sacred Flames and Holograms help and change my life journey.

Tiffany – Hong Kong

L. Wong – Hong Kong

I wish to express my gratitude to the Sacred Flames for the endless blessings! I felt so touched and happy to know the protocol to protect our aura as I be suffered from the weak aura and feeling ungrounded for long. I knew it was affecting my health and my daily lives because I always felt cold weak, fearful, confused and difficult to concentrate to work or study.

After using the protocol, I feel unexplainable safe, grounded, expanded, happy, warm with clear mind. I used to spend more than an hour to clear and balance my chakras everyday before I get up. Today I just need about 30 minutes. I really can’t wait to prepare it for my family!

L. Wong
Hong Kong

Lila – Hong Kong

I love the 4 Pillars of Healing book. I am doing each of the protocols 3 x’s for each layer and am feeling such a difference inside of me and outside. Finally I have something that I can use at home and it works so well. I am changing for the better. My father has been coming to the Sacred Flame classes and he is so changed. He never hugged us when we were children, but now he is so different, he is happier and I received a hug from him for the first time in my life. I was so surprised. It is so great to see him getting lighter, brighter and happier.

Hong Kong

Donna – North Dakota

I have been working with the Sacred Flames and Their Holograms for almost 2 years now and can not imagine life without Them. Everything has changed for the better – my health, my business, my spiritual growth. I am finally healing to the levels that I have always wanted to heal. It is not easy to put into words how much better one feels on every level. The Sacred Flame Holograms are the first thing that has ever been able to get at the fungus that I was dealing with the the heavy metal toxicity. No matter what I did before I started using the Holograms, it would work for a bit but never get to the root and the cause. Now, I feel that as I continue working with the Sacred Flame Holograms, I am finally getting to the root and the cause of the fungus and heavy metal toxicity and can finally heal.

I am so much happier, a deep quiet happiness. I feel so much more connected to my I AM Presence and am growing daily in that.

I have seen people’s face go from an ashen gray to a much lighter color right in front of my eyes as they did the 4 Blues clearing.

This goes beyond words for me. It is truly a way of living with the Light, a way of Living with the Sacred Flames.

North Dakota

Barb – Colorado

My granddaughter and her parents were living with us for a while. She would wake up crying almost every hour during the night. I heard about the Sacred Flame Holograms and the Domes and knew that I had to get one. Since I was going to be purchasing the Nature/Home Protector Dome the next day, I knew that I would be in integrity if I energetically placed the Dome above her crib. She was in the basement and I energetically placed the Dome upstairs above where she sleeps. She did not wake up at all that night nor since. I see now that she must have felt some energies that made her most uncomfortable.

The next day after I purchased the Holograms, I held her. I had some small Holograms in my hand and placed my hand under her feet. She immediately pushed into my hand and held her feet in that position for 15 minutes. She was only 6 months old at that time. When she was done, I could tell that she was feeling so much better.


Lam – Hong Kong

I work with a bio energy machine and had a client come in that was quite ill. Her energy reading was very low. I placed the Cosmic Light Substance hologram behind her heart and one on her heart. Within minutes, her energy reading went up by 20 points. I was amazed at the speed with which the energy reading went up.

Hong Kong

Moon – Hong Kong

I was very overweight and looked like I was pregnant. On the subway, people would get up to give me a seat. I placed the small Violet Flame and Cosmic Violet Flame Holograms on my waist and wore them. I started noticing that my waist was getting smaller and then smaller yet. I am down to the size I used to be. I feel so much better. I have been working with the Sacred Flames and Their Holograms for over a year now and am so much happier. I see miracles almost every day now. People, who have seen my picture before I started with the Sacred Flames and how I look now, cannot believe the difference in just one year. It is amazing!

Hong Kong

Sherry – Virginia

I have been in the healing field for 15 years and worked with so many modalities, looking to heal what I could feel inside. I was absolutely amazed when I started working with the Sacred Flames and their Holograms. In all of my 15 years of healing modalities, I have never come across something that works so quickly and deeply.

I know there are many layers to heal and have found that the Sacred Flames and Their Holograms go to the depth. I have found that they go to the root and the cause.

We have done much exploring with the Sacred Flames and are continually finding ways of working with them. I would not ever want to be without them.


Nicole – Taiwan

I work in an hospice environment. I have placed the Sacred Flames Holograms and the domes in my office. When I get drained, I go in there and recuperate. My co-workers would notice that I would walk into the office very drained and come out feeling so much better. They asked what I was doing and I shared with them. Now, they are asking to work with the Sacred Flames. Whenever they feel drained because of our work, they go into the office and they come out feeling so much better. Everyone is so amazed what the Holograms and the domes can do. I am so grateful for Them.



I have been working with the Sacred Flames for about 1 and a half years now and could write a book about my own experiences and the experiences of others that are using them.
I am feeling so much better, lighter and happier. I feel things leaving and then my life is working better. I see our city changing for the better, nature is starting to flourish, birds have come back that have been gone for 25 years. We used to have 4 seasons then we went to 2 seasons. Now the 4 seasons are returning.

At first when I read about the Flames, I did not understand, but knew that I needed to learn. I have continued to read and the understanding is coming deeper and deeper.
I do not even want to think about what life I would have had the past year and a half without the Sacred Flame Holograms.

I am seeing my family change for the better. My business has greatly improved. Everything works better when one is working with the Sacred Flames and their Holograms.


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