Looking for powerful tools to clear and raise your frequencies for the ascension? Tools that you can use over and over in the privacy of your own home?

The Sacred Flame Holograms are the power tools that many have been looking for.

Many of us would love to have some power tools that we can use at home over and over at anytime of the day or night. We would love to have a way of knowing what needs to be cleared and a protocol for clearing or healing that.

We would love to have a way of raising the frequencies in our homes.
We would love to have a way of helping Nature.

The Sacred Flame Holograms are those power tools.

1. They can be used over and over and over.
2. They bring the frequencies of ourselves up and up.
3. They bring the frequencies in our homes much higher.
4. They can be worked with at any time.

Why are these tools here now?

Because we need them now!!!

The Sacred Flame Holograms also greatly enhance the work of any other modality.

“I have been using the Sacred Flame Holograms in my
acupuncture practice and I am most amazed at how much
more powerful the acupuncture is. I work with the Holograms
for clearing first and then do the acupuncture. The results
are almost beyond words. My life and my clients’ lives are
changing so much for the better.”

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