I have been working with the Sacred Flames for about 1 and a half years now and could write a book about my own experiences and the experiences of others that are using them.
I am feeling so much better, lighter and happier. I feel things leaving and then my life is working better. I see our city changing for the better, nature is starting to flourish, birds have come back that have been gone for 25 years. We used to have 4 seasons then we went to 2 seasons. Now the 4 seasons are returning.

At first when I read about the Flames, I did not understand, but knew that I needed to learn. I have continued to read and the understanding is coming deeper and deeper.
I do not even want to think about what life I would have had the past year and a half without the Sacred Flame Holograms.

I am seeing my family change for the better. My business has greatly improved. Everything works better when one is working with the Sacred Flames and their Holograms.