Barb – Colorado

My granddaughter and her parents were living with us for a while. She would wake up crying almost every hour during the night. I heard about the Sacred Flame Holograms and the Domes and knew that I had to get one. Since I was going to be purchasing the Nature/Home Protector Dome the next day, I knew that I would be in integrity if I energetically placed the Dome above her crib. She was in the basement and I energetically placed the Dome upstairs above where she sleeps. She did not wake up at all that night nor since. I see now that she must have felt some energies that made her most uncomfortable.

The next day after I purchased the Holograms, I held her. I had some small Holograms in my hand and placed my hand under her feet. She immediately pushed into my hand and held her feet in that position for 15 minutes. She was only 6 months old at that time. When she was done, I could tell that she was feeling so much better.