Annie – Hong Kong

Thanks a lot for bringing us the sacred flame. I did benefit a lot from these useful holograms and prayers. When the first time I used the Acturian and cosming Continue Reading →

Tiffany – Hong Kong

在認識解神聖火焰前,我不了解原來我們是可以清理負能量,而這很重要。成長於傳統中國文化家庭,家人亦被原生家庭影響…想法也很多時候容易負面…在日常生活環境中循環地吸收或被負面的能量所影響,自己很多時候的想法會很自然地走向負面想法,而自己不想但有時候卻不能控制,現在了解到是因為以前的自己能量不足夠。 記得第一堂上完豐盛人生後,感到整個人變輕了,輕鬆了,視覺也變得清晰多了。 除了每天清理負能量,也很喜歡與大天使連結,每當一些情緒滋擾大天使幫助我很多。 我很感恩經歷這一年多的體驗讓自己各方面也改善很多, 整個人變得正面開心,自信多了。神聖火焰給我的人生帶來很多改變及幫助。:) Before experience with Sacred Flames, I did not know we could clear negative energy out, and clearing is very important for us. I grow up Continue Reading →

Donna – North Dakota

I have been working with the Sacred Flames and Their Holograms for almost 2 years now and can not imagine life without Them. Everything has changed for the better – Continue Reading →

Barb – Colorado

My granddaughter and her parents were living with us for a while. She would wake up crying almost every hour during the night. I heard about the Sacred Flame Holograms Continue Reading →

Lam – Hong Kong

I work with a bio energy machine and had a client come in that was quite ill. Her energy reading was very low. I placed the Cosmic Light Substance hologram Continue Reading →

Moon – Hong Kong

I was very overweight and looked like I was pregnant. On the subway, people would get up to give me a seat. I placed the small Violet Flame and Cosmic Continue Reading →

Sherry – Virginia

I have been in the healing field for 15 years and worked with so many modalities, looking to heal what I could feel inside. I was absolutely amazed when I Continue Reading →

Nicole – Taiwan

I work in an hospice environment. I have placed the Sacred Flames Holograms and the domes in my office. When I get drained, I go in there and recuperate. My Continue Reading →