Divine Protection and Healing for Domesticated Animals


Cosmic Sacred Flames for the Divine Protection and Healing for Domesticated Animals

Small: 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches | $10.00
Medium: 4 inches by 5 inches | $15.00
Large: 8.5 inches by 11 inches | $30.00

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This Hologram is changing the DNA of the domesticated animals back to the original Divine Place because most of the domesticated animals today have been hybridized. As a results, they are losing the strength and memory of their history. Animals are very instinctive which is what we call it. They call it memory. Memory/instinct is such a part of animals and their survival that they are frightened because they are losing it.

Domesticated animals are afraid that they will lost their connection with earth. This Sacred Flame Hologram is reconnecting them to earth.

When we energetically send this Hologram out to all domesticated animals, (this includes domesticated birds, whales and dolphins) they feel the Hologram come around them and through them. It feels like a warm spring that flows through their bodies.

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Large ($30), Medium ($15), Small ($10)